MONA LISA artwork by Naoshi

【 MONA LISA artwork by Naoshi】
The Official Blog for MONA LISA REIMAGINED is now active!
Naoshi's 2008 artwork will appear in Illustrated book of MONA LISA REIMAGINED which is scheduled for release May 12th, 2015! I drew this artwork for MONEY LISA group show at the MondoPop Gallery (Italy) in 2008. (Thank you MondoPOP!!!)
Nearly 300 artists from 50 different countries have signed permission releases to allow their Mona Lisa-derived artwork to be included in this book, guaranteeing that this will be the largest, most comprehensive collection of Mona Lisa-inspired artwork ever assembled in history.
Can't wait to see!!!
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Nothing in the publishing industry seems to get accomplished very quickly, and it has been quite a struggle these past couple of years trying to get this project off the ground. I have met with countless literary agents, editors and publishers from all over the world to pitch this idea, and although my proposal was met with a lot of enthusiasm, no one was actually willing to put up the necessary financial commitment to publish it. It's a very awkward time in the publishing industry, with sales of actual printed books beginning to be eclipsed by digital books. Many publishers feel squeamish about the risks involved in funding and releasing a large format, lavishly illustrated coffee table book, as too many of them fail to recoup their investment. With all of the present uncertainty regarding the future, the publishing business is not really known these days for its boldness or willingness to take risks.
Though the entire process has been frustrating at times, I never gave up and always felt strongly that it was just a matter of time until I found the right publisher who would possess the experience, reputation, and resources necessary to produce and distribute a book of this scope and ambition.
I am extremely happy to be able to report that the book has finally found a home, and is scheduled for a May 2015 release from GOFF BOOKS, an imprint of the prestigious ORO EDITIONS.
And It is already available for pre-order on Amazon and other online retailers:


Giant Mango Selection group exhibition's information (Taiwan)

This Weekend!!!
I'm gonna participate to the Giant Mango Selection at the Wrong Gallery Taipei in Taiwan!!! This show will run until Jan 4th 2015! Please check it out!!!
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展覽名稱:Giant Mango Selection @ Wrong Gallery Taipei
展覽期間:12/6/2014(六)~1/4/2015(日) 週一公休
正式開幕:12/6/2014(六) 6pm
十二月「靠邊走藝術空間」開幕一周年,邀請到來自日本的Giant Mango 藝廊與八位現代藝術家,以各種平面以及立體複合媒材的創作,與台灣的藝術愛好者共度這充滿節慶氣氛的年終時節。
自2009年開始,Giant Mango 的創辦人Jun Kurazume就致力於推廣以及介紹日本的現代藝術,四年多以來已經在世界各地參加過超過五十場的藝術展覽。
這次在「靠邊走藝術空間」展出的藝術家,有幾位近年來也活躍在台灣的藝術博覽會中,例如以柔美細膩手法描繪動物的Ai Morita,以及擅長使用色彩繽紛的沙畫創作的Naoshi,他們的作品在台北舉行的Young Art Taipei以及高雄的駁二藝術特區都有過精采的展出。
藝術家名單:Ai Morita (GURIPOPO) / Cokets/ Mayumi Tsuzuki/ Naoshi/ Shigeru Eguchi/ Sugihara Yuri/ Sunguts /Suuri Maruyama


Photos from Italy! (Italy)

Photos from Italy!
Naoshi, e gli artisti bimbi che al suo lavoro si sono ispirati, alla mostra La Piccola Bellezza.
Da oggi fino al 26 ottobre alla Casa della Marionetta in vicolo Padenna in centro a Ravenna, per il Komikazen Festival.
Inaugurazione oggi sabato 10 ottobre alle 17:


10 years

I've been making SUNAE for 10 years!!! I have a lot of memory!


Naoshi's Artwork at PIE Magazine (Thailand)

My artworks and interview appeared in the PIE Magazine now! Naoshi's interview in pages 70-80! I can't read it! hehe. But it's so cool magazine!
Please read it!!!

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in PIE online magazines
ศิลปินญี่ปุ่น ผู้สร้างงานจากทรายสี
หรือ "SUNAE" กับมุมมองดีๆ ในงานน่ารักๆ
อ่าน PIE online เล่มใหม่กันได้ที่
www.pieeveryday.com กดไปที่หน้า magazine ครับ
หรือกดอ่านในเว็บ http://issuu.com/piemag/docs/pie11


Naoshi's Artwork at ART OSAKA (Japan)

This photo is in Gallery KUU Room of ART OSAKA ! It looks great!
Thank you for sending photo, Erisa!

◆ART OSAKA(Gallery KUU:The Room number is 6104)
Date:July 12th, 2014(Sat)~July 13th, 2014(Sun)...
Place:Hotel Granvia Osaka (Osaka, Japan)



Photo of Handmade Korea Fair 2014(Korea)

Photo of Handmade Korea Fair 2014! Thank you Kiriku and Izumi!!!

Art Fair『ART OSAKA』 information (Japan)

On Saturday, My artworks are going to show in Gallery KUU at the Hotel Art fair of "ART OSAKA" in Japan! In room 6104!
There are 53 galleries! It's a great Art Fair. Please come and see my new artwork!

Date:July 12th, 2014(Sat)~July 13th, 2014(Sun)...
Place:Hotel Granvia Osaka (Osaka, Japan)



Handmade Korea Fair 2014's Information (Korea)

I'm participating the Handmade Korea Fair 2014 in Korea!!!

Date:July 10th, 2014(Thu)~July 13th, 2014(Sun)
Place:COEX (Seoul, Korea)...



Work in progress!

Work in progress for Art fair "ART OSAKA (from gallery KUU)" in Osaka, Japan!
Date:July 12, 2014 (Sat)~July 13, 2014(Sun)
Place:Hotel Granvia Osaka http://www.artosaka.jp/


Naoshi's art goods at Tama Plaza (Japan)

Naoshi's art goods are on sale now at Tokyu department store・Tama Plaza in Tokyo, Japan! Please come!
Date:June 19th, 2014(Thu)~June 30th, 2014(Mon)
Place:Tokyu department store・Tama Plaza (Tokyo, Japan)...

Naoshi's Limited 13 T-shirts (Spain)

Naoshi's Limited 13 T-shirts(silk screen) are on sale now at Beloved Bastard webshop!
Please check it out!